Popular Types of Bicycles

Like every human invention, the bicycle has evolved over the years to different types with different designs and purposes. In this article, we examine the different types of bicycles.

Road Bike

Road bikes are one of the oldest types of bicycles. Their frames are usually lightweight aluminium or carbon and are designed in a way that the rider’s legs are horizontally over the pedals. They have thin tyres and drop handlebars that allow the rider to pedal at any desired speed.

Mountain Bike

You will know a mountain bike because it possesses a suspension. This makes it different from other bikes. They also have knobby tyres and front chainrings. Mountain bikes are built for difficult terrains.

Hybrid Bike

Hybrid bikes are road bikes redesigned with stronger alloy frames, upright geometry, and straight handlebars with wheels that are slightly thicker, treaded tyres, and the frames often have mount points for racks.

City Bikes

City bikes are like hybrid bikes but while hybrid bikes are meant for riding both off- and on the road, the city bicycle is designed to be ridden in urban areas only. They are focused on comfort and practicality with an upright riding position, aluminium or steel frame, and curved handlebars positioned higher than the saddle which is soft and cushiony.

Electric Bike

Electric bikes are bikes with powerful motors that can achieve speeds of up to 45km per hour with small, removable lithium-ion batteries that can last the entire day on one charge.

Fat Tyre Bike

Fat tyre bikes are mainly used in beach towns and snow resorts. Fat tyre bikes have fatter than usual tyres that can ride over soft terrain like snow and sand without sinking.

Folding Bike

These bikes are also known as foldable bikes or portable bicycles. They are bicycles that can be folded into a compact size and easily transported on trains, buses, and aeroplanes. This also allows riders to store or carry them around easily.

BMX Bike

BMX bikes are made with a single-speed cassette and a rigid frame with high-rise handlebars for easier manoeuvrability.

Recumbent Bike

A recumbent bike, also known as a bent, is a bicycle that allows the rider to be in a laid-back position while cycling. This position allows for the weight of the rider to be better distributed, so it reduces low back pain and other problems.

Cruiser Bike

Cruiser bikes are designed for casual recreational riding. They are popular in beachside towns where cyclists just want to cruise around. The bikes have a laid-back, relaxed frame geometry that places the rider low down and far back on the bike which allows for comfortable cruising but not much speed.

Adventure / Touring bike

Touring bikes are long-distance bikes that are built for longevity and durability. If you are a backpacker, this is your ideal bike. You can carry as many loads as you will be needing on the road.

Gravel Bike

Gravel bikes are lightweight racing-style bikes. They are designed for use on mild off-road terrains like dirt roads, fire roads, country lanes, and smooth singletrack. They are like the simpler and lighter versions of touring bikes.

So, no matter your gender, physique, body weight, or preference, there is a bike for you.