The following blogs have extra information on bicycles, cycling, and more.


This site gives road cycling news, bike reviews, in-depth articles and tips, events, tutorials and buying advice from London, England.


From Manchester, England, UK, this website’s blog features articles on the latest cycling news, cycling reviews, accessories, advice, safety tips, insurance, and cycling routes.

Merlin Cycles Blog

Merlin Cycles Blog offers news on bike buyers guides, riders, reviews and more.

Road and Mountain Bike Reviews

From Chester, England, UK, this site provides reviews on popular roads and mountains, common questions and answers on bikes, and accessories.

This website features articles about pro cycling, cycling sportives, time trials, and events in the UK and abroad.

Cyclestore Blog

This blog provides articles, reviews, advice, news, tips on bikes, clothing, accessories, roads, brands, and more.

Total Women’s Cycling

This website is regarded as the UK’s most popular cycling website for women. It provides biking news, reviews, and guides for women who love to ride.

London Cyclist

This blog was founded by a cyclist named Andreas. His two passions are cycling and blogging. As a long-time cyclist, he has taken part in many cycling events in London and loves talking about them. He cannot imagine life without his bike.

Cycling Europe

Founded in 2008, this site provides information on bike tours, bike competitions not only in Europe but in other countries of the world where biking is taken as a serious venture, hobby, and culture.

Crank Joy

This blog is founded by Canadian physiotherapist Tricia Davis and her husband Chad. They provide articles, news, and inspirational stories for those that love a mountainside adventure. They are very passionate about their mountain bike lifestyle.

Average Joe Cyclist

Goodwill and Maggie Neilson, a married couple, write for the lovers of biking and the average cyclist who loves to ride. They provide cycling training plans, tips, and more.

The Geeky Cyclist

This website aims to make riding fun, enjoyable, and safe for cyclists of all levels through the sharing of practical tips and insights, gear recommendations and reviews as well as popular cycling routes.

Velo News

This website is dedicated to pro cycling. It posts news, events, reviews, and photos of cycling events. It also reviews past events and offers advice on biking and gear buying. This blog sees and treats cycling as a culture.

Femme Cyclist

This blog provides so many helpful articles to female cyclists from finding the right fit on a woman’s bike, to gaining confidence on a mountain bike. There are product guides, reviews, and tips.